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Types of Cultured Pearls
Pearls are created by mollusks. Natural pearls are so rare to find in nature that most pearls sold today are cultured. To create a cultured pearl, a tiny bead is implanted into the oyster and gradually over time the oyster coats the bead in many layers of natural minerals and proteins. These layers are referred to as nacre (Nay-ker.) It is the nacre that gives pearls their beautiful luster and color. It is the nacre, or many layers of Calcium Carbonate crystals, that provide the sheen and natural luster of the pearl. In the natural process, the layers of nacre may not always adhere smoothly - and spots and bubbles may appear on the pearl. Pearls with the smoothest surfaces are the highest quality and most sought-after pearls.

There are many types of cultured Pearls - including Freshwater Pearls, South Sea Pearls, Tahitian Pearls and Akoya Pearls. All of our fashionable Pearl jewelry is available as studs, fashion earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendatns and of course, pure strands. There are also many shapes available too - including round, off-round, oval and teardrop.

Colors of Cultured Pearls
Pearls can come in a host of different colors including pure white, cream, gold, light yellow, silver, pink and black. The luster, or deep embodied shine of the pearl, provides a secondary color depending upon the lighting. As an example, a pearl may at first appear cream color but have a slight gold secondary tone to it when viewed in the sunlight. At, we offer a variety of types of Pearls - at a wide range of prices. When selecting a pearl, the price of the pearl depents upon many factors including size, overall shape, surface markings, luster and of course, color.

Proper Care of Cultured Pearls
Pearls can last a lifetime. The best way to care for your pearls is to wear them - and allow the body's natural oils keep the pearls lustrous. Avoid household chemicals including perfume, makeup and hairspray as the chemicals found in these products can dull the luster of your pearls. At, we recommended that you put your pearls on last when getting ready and make them the first thing you take off when you come home. Wipe the pearls gently before putting them away and always use a soft cloth.


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