Meet Our Host Charlie

Birth Date: June 27
Birthstone: Pearl
Favorite Gemstone: Pearl
Favorite Metal: Gold

Fun Fact: Charlie loves all things fast and loud! She spends her days off in the summer going to all types of car events!

Jewelry Advice: "Don't be afraid to try new things! Jewelry can make you feel beautiful!"

Charlie fell in love with jewelry in high school and used her accessories to express her unique style. Perhaps this is why she is happiest helping our viewers find the perfect piece for their own looks. Over the years, Charlie’s passion for jewelry has grown, especially for pearls, as she’s a June baby! In fact, her favorite piece of jewelry is the pair of brilliant white round dangle pearl earrings accented with diamond simulants that she wore on her wedding day (and still wears on date nights!).

Charlie attended Oakland Community College in Michigan with a love for photography. She photographs much the beautiful jewelry you see on and her “photographer’s eye” brings a unique and picturesque point of view to the jewelry she showcases on SNG TV. Her passion for photography follows her outside of the jewelry world too. When she’s not hosting or photographing jewelry, she enjoys taking pictures of classic cars, breathtaking nature scenes, and historic architecture in downtown Detroit. Charlie also enjoys getting muddy while off-roading in her off-road vehicle with her husband, Jonathon, and two pups, Scout and Daisy. A real lover of animals, she also has a cute kitty named Binx.
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