Meet Our Host Hailey

Hailey C.
From: Baton Rouge, LA

Hailey attended College in Louisiana and has a strong love for high fashion Jewelry with an emphasis on Diamonds and Moissanite. Hailey works in scheduling and show production for SNG-TV. She also assist in the web design of She has a passion for "all things lovely" and has been recognized as an expert in precious and semi-precious gemstones by several prestigous organizations worldwide.

In addition to her love for Diamonds, Hailey also travels frequently as a buyer for SNG-TV. Her favorite places to look for gems are the far away places like Myanmar, Ethiopia, Guangdong and Bangkok. This worldly experience allows her to bring a unique perspective to our World of Jewelry here on SNG-TV.

At home, she loves spending time with her husband, Tim, and their two boys.
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