Meet Our Host John

Birth Date: July 13th
Birthstone: Ruby
Favorite Gemstone: Red Cats Eye Chrysoberyl
Favorite Metal: Gold

Fun Fact: John has traveled to six of the seven Continents.

Jewelry Advice: The best jewelry to coordinate with is the jewelry you love.

John went to the University of Michigan and also Iowa State University where he received his Doctorate. John is the Producer on our show and also one of the buyers. He is in charge of major acquisitions and purchases at SilverAndGold and SNG-TV. As a buyer, John routinely travels to all corners of the world in search of the best Diamonds, Gemstones, Gold and Silver. He also overseas manufacturing of our jewelry. John is one of the founders of SilverAndGold and SNG-TV.

In his spare time, John enjoys traveling and collecting works of art.
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