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Heartbreak by Markus Pierson (2013)

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It's Funny, Isn't it? Love Can Exist on Blind Faith, But Heartbreak Needs The Facts. All Of Them.

Heartbreak is an original painting by Markus Pierson. SilverAndGold is pleased to offer this original, directly acquired from Pierson's Studio. This original is done in oil pastels and colored pencil on canvas paper. This item is Height (inches) 11 Hand Signed By Markus Pierson Year 2013 Edition.

"Prisoner pieces have always been a favorite theme of mine. These guys have kinda got their own little club. Love flat-out bewilders them. In Coyote series lore, a Lilly is a symbol for love. This guy is chewing on one, 'cause he wants to know EXACTLY what went wrong. It's loosely based on a friend of mine who recently split with his gal, and like so many people (myself included) just couldn't resist putting everything under a microscope. I listened, and was just happy I had long-since thrown my microscope away." - M. Pierson