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A Portrait of Magritte by Markus Pierson (2001)

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Markus Pierson began his professional life as an accountant in his early 20’s. after a near-fatal bout with Crohn’s disease in early 1985, Pierson declared the accountant “dead” and in his place was a man pursuing his dream to become a successful artist.

Pierson's coyote series was born in June of 1986, after Markus heard the Joni Mitchell song, “coyote.” the song centered on its main character, simply referred to as “coyote,” a reckless, footloose wanderer who would entice woman only to leave them behind for the next adventure. Pierson aspired to be the carefree coyote described in those lyrics and did something he’d never done before or since: made a drawing of a song.

In the decades that followed, Pierson's work has evolved to include a vast array of paintings, drawings, sculpture, hand-pulled serigraphs and original found-object works. Over time, the metaphor of the coyote has taken on a more poignant and profound purpose. At its essence, the work urges us to pursue our dreams, wear our hearts on our sleeves, and to celebrate all of life’s ups and downs.

M. Pierson has had nearly one hundred solo exhibitions in galleries across America, Australia and New Zealand, museum exhibitions and representation at international art fairs including Art Miami, Sofa Chicago, Chicago Contemporary & Classic, and many others. Markus has amassed a collector base including museums, heads of state, major corporations and celebrities worldwide.