4 C's of Diamonds: Clarity

Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat -- everyone knows these are the 4 C's of diamonds. In this blog, we are going to take a closer look at one of those C's to help you become a diamond expert!

Diamond clarity refers to an evaluation of surface blemishes or internal inclusions of a diamond. Most inclusions are microscopic and not noticeable to an untrained eye, meaning they don’t detract from a diamond’s splendor in a perceptible way. Because of this, clarity is often seen as the least important of the 4 C’s when looking to purchase a diamond.

When diamonds are inspected, the diamond is judged face up and at no more than 10x magnification. Inclusions that are not visible from the top are not used to determine the diamond clarity. Diamonds with no blemishes or inclusions are incredibly rare and often quite expensive. When looking to purchase a diamond ring and make the most of your spending budget, look for a diamond that is graded VS1 or higher, meaning that the inclusions won’t be visible to the naked eye. See the table below for more information about diamond clarity.


(Flawless & Internally Flawless)

Inclusions are not visible under 10x magnification, very rare


(Very, Very Slightly Included)

Few miniscule inclusions difficult to see under 10x magnification


(Very Slightly Included)

Difficult to see minor inclusions


(Very Slightly Included)

Somewhat easier to see minor inclusions

SI1, SI2

(Slightly Included)

Inclusions occasionally visibly without magnification



May have more obvious inclusions with the naked eye

I2, I3


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