Quality of Ethiopian Emeralds

As with any gem deposit, Ethiopia produces emeralds with a wide range of quality and color. Much of the material is commercial grade, often heavily included with black mica crystals. However, some truly amazing gems have come from this deposit as well. The top-quality stones from Ethiopia are grass green or green with a hint of a blue hue, and have no need for oil enhancement.

Emerald Jewelry

Even more exciting is the saturation of these stones. These bright, saturated greens are comparable to stones from the Colombian mines. Some dealers describe the color as “glowing” or having a “neon” quality and compare it to paraíba tourmaline in this regard.

Emerald and 18K Gold Ring

Iron (Fe), chromium (Cr), and vanadium (V) are the primary coloring agents in emeralds. Colombian emeralds tend to be high in chromium and vanadium, but low in iron. Emeralds from Ethiopia, Brazil and Zambia tend to have less chromium, very little vanadium, and relatively high iron content.

Some extra-fine gems even exhibit the gota de aceite or “drop of oil” effect so coveted in emeralds.

Although some large stones occur, most gems cut under ten carats, with the majority between one and three carats. SilverAndGold.com has a wide variety of both natural and lab created Emerald stones from Colombia, Ethiopia and other parts of the world. Shop our selection today!

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