Moissanite: Beauty, Durability, Sustainability and Price

When it comes to engagement ring stones, there’s a lot to consider. Do you want a traditional, clear stone or a pop of color? Are you looking for a brilliant round cut or a unique pear cut? Do you want a solitaire stone front and center or multiple stones coming together in harmony? While we can't answer any of these questions for you, we can help you understand some of your options! This blog is going to explore one of the most popular and beautiful white (clear) stones seen in engagement rings: Moissanites.

Ultimately, the best choice for your engagement ring is the gem that you prefer but it's hard to make that decision without information. And while we love all gemstones here at SilverAndGold, in the moissanite vs diamond debate, we have some strong points for Team Moissanite.   

Moissanites occur naturally and are considered true gemstones. When purchasing larger Moissanite stones, these are almost exclusively created and not mined. This is a form of crystalline silicon carbide created in laboratories and widely used as a diamond simulant. Unless you’re shopping for rare mineral samples, when you encounter moissanites and moissanite rings for sale, you’re dealing with the created variety. 

Today, you can readily find moissanites in the same range of color as white diamonds. Because moissanites are grown in laboratories, they don’t have the large clarity imperfections that diamonds may contain. So, a moissanite will always be eye-clean, while diamonds may contain imperfections visible to the eye. For those with budgets, finding an eye-clean diamond in their desired size can be difficult. It involves examining many diamonds very closely. This can be time consuming and may require expert help.

With a hardness of 9.25, moissanite is the second-hardest material used a gemstone. Unless you store your moissanite with diamond jewelry, it’s highly unlikely that it will scratch. The brilliance and fire of a moissanite gemstone rivals that of a diamond and in many cases, exceeds a diamond. This means that your moissanite stone is going to show more sparkle and play of color than a diamond in most cases.

In summary for Team Moissanite, a moissanite gemstone is second in hardness only to diamond. A moissanite stone is almost always eye-clean - meaning you cannot see any imperfections and often exhibits more sparkle than a diamond. We love all our gemstones at SilverAndGold, including both diamonds and moissanites, but no matter what your favorite stone is, you can't deny that moissanite brings a beauty all it's own to any piece of jewelry.

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