4 Jewelry Tricks You Have to Try

Jewelry is an essential part of fashion. Who doesn't have a jewelry box with an assortment of golden chains, glittering rings, and colorful earrings? You might think you know the best way to wear each piece you own, but we've got 4 jewelry tricks to help you see your jewelry collection in a brand new way!

Don't Disregard Earrings!

We all have that one pair of earrings that we love to wear with everything. And who isn't guilty of wearing the same pair of earrings for days (or weeks) without worrying about changing them? But think about it: earrings are at the right height to be noticed by just about everyone! Keeping your earrings updated to match your look adds polish and class! It only takes a few seconds to change out your earrings and it will keep your look fresh!

Don't Be Afraid to Mix & Match Metals

The old rule of only wearing gold with gold or silver with silver simply doesn't work in today's fashion world! Don't be afraid to mix it up! Try layering different metal necklaces together or stacking different rings.

Not every look will work, but when throw the old "matching metal" rule out, the possibilities for new, chic looks are endless!

Choose a Piece to Pop

When you're picking out your jewelry, choose a single piece to be the focal point and accent it with subtler accessories. For example, if you're wearing a bold statement necklace, choose simple earrings and rings as accent pieces. Having a focus for your jewelry will bring a clearer focus for your overall look and really make your statement piece pop without overwhelming! 

Experiment With Your Style

The easiest way to change up your look is just that - change up your look! Open up your jewelry box and find combinations you've never tried before! It is surprising how often we are so worried about a fashion faux pas that we never experiment! I'm not saying that every situation is the right situation to try something new (perhaps the day of the big presentation at work or your daughter's wedding is not the time to take chances) but your girls' night out or coffee meet up with a friend is a great time to shake it up! 

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