5 Ideas for the Perfect Holiday Proposal

It’s the most wonderful time of year… for proposals! The holidays are packed full of perfect moments to pop the question! Planning the perfect Christmas proposal can be a bit tricky with all the celebrations and distractions, but here at SilverAndGold.com, we want to show you there are plenty of options to truly make your proposal magical!

1. In The Snow

A proposal in the snow makes for a very romantic one-on-one delivery. You could go on a snowy stroll through beautiful evergreens, build a snowman together and slip the ring on his arm, or create a magical winter scene at a spot that has meaning for you, complete with rose petals and candles in the snow at twilight. Frosty, glittery flakes add a touch of magic to any romantic proposal!

2. Decorating the Tree

This classic proposal will make you feel like you're in the movies! Consider having a special ornament made with the words “Will You Marry Me?” painted on it or you could hang the ring itself on the tree for a surprise sparkly decoration! This Christmas proposal will never get old and will make for a fun story to tell every year around the holidays!


3. On The Ice

Firstly, make sure your partner is comfortable ice skating (if not this proposal may not turn out as planned!) Many cities have outdoor skating rinks this time of year with beautiful string lights and a festive soundtrack. Skate to the center of the rink and share your love for each other!

4. Surprising Delivery

If you are traveling for the holidays, it may be an idea to travel separately. Pretend you have somewhere to go before you can meet at her family’s house. Have a packaged delivered to her family’s house and while she is opening it pop out and surprise her! It’s adorable and will make for a very memorable proposal!

5. In The Boxes

Present them with a huge box on Christmas morning, it will definitely throw them off the trail of it being an engagement ring! You could put the small ring box inside the big box, or go for the Russian Doll tactic and build up the excitement with every box she opens.

How could anyone say no to a single one of these proposal ideas? Still looking for the perfect ring? Shop our Engagement Rings now!

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