5 Jewelry Myths That Need to Find the Exit

We've all heard about different jewelry myths and wives tales over the years - like biting gold to test if its real or that pearls dissolve in anything but water. While we like a bit of lore and intrigue here at SilverAndGold, we are ready to lay some of the more outlandish and unhelpful jewelry myths to rest.

1. The Bigger the Stone, the More Expensive the Stone

I can see how this makes sense on some level, but determining a stone's value is much more complicated. Clarity, cut, color, and carat (weight) all factor into determining a stone's value (also called the 4 C's of Gemstones). A large stone that is of mediocre color and cut can be much less expensive than a small stone with high quality color and cut. There are a lot of factors contributing to a gemstone's value, so don't be fooled into thinking bigger must be better!

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2. Diamonds Never Break

I've heard this myth multiple times but still no one wants to hand over their diamonds and let me test it out! All kidding aside, diamonds are incredibly hard (a 10 on the Moh's scale of hardness) but they're not invincible. Extremely high heat or a direct hit can crack a diamond. But don't worry, they are strong enough to handle most daily wear and tear.

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3. Diamonds are the Most Rare and Expensive Gemstone

While diamonds can be expensive, high quality diamonds even more so, revisit our talk from the first myth. A beautifully cut and clear emerald can be worth more than a similarly sized diamond - so much goes into determining a stones value, there are no "hard and fast" rules to say which is always going to be the most expensive.

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4. Biting Gold to Know If It's Real.

Eww. Let's not, ok? This myth has its roots in Hollywood gold rush movies, not fact and science. Yes, 24K gold is fairly soft. But so is lead. Do you want to just walk around biting materials to determine what they are? You're better off checking the hallmark on the jewelry itself or taking it to a jeweler for tests.

5. Opals Bring Bad Luck

I don't know who started this rumor and I don't know why it's still believed, but as a jewelry lover who is OBSESSED with opals, I'm telling you right now this myth is not to be believed! Opals are full of fire and color and are a must have for any true jewelry lover. If you've been avoiding this gemstone, now is the time to change!

What jewelry myths do you still believe in? What myths do you want to see debunked? Let us know!

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