4 Reasons to Buy Sterling Silver Jewelry

Everyone knows that there are countless precious metals that jewelry can be made from - platinum, yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, sterling silver, and the list goes on! Many people immediately assume platinum and gold jewelry means better jewelry, but that is not necessarily the case. While gold and platinum are, of course, stunning, sterling silver absolutely has its place! Keep reading for 4 reasons you should be buying sterling silver jewelry!

1. Sterling Silver Jewelry is Easy to Maintain

One of the most common reasons people avoid sterling silver jewelry is tarnish. And it is true, if not taken care of and stored properly, sterling silver will tarnish. But here is the good news - tarnish doesn't have to be permanent and it is very easy to remove! Many jewelry stores, and even craft stores, carry cleaners that are safe for sterling silver. With a little elbow grease, you can have your favorite pieces sparkling in no time! Believe it or not, wearing your sterling silver jewelry actually helps prevent tarnish! The natural oils produced by your skin help prevent tarnish from happening! 

2. Sterling Silver is Durable

Apart from its easy to maintain nature, sterling silver is also durable! Sterling silver is a great metal to wear every day without fear of pieces breaking easily. To be sure you're purchasing genuine sterling silver, make sure it is stamped "925", indicating the quality of the piece. If you're shopping online, many reputable jewelry stores include a photo showing the marking. If not, any reputable store would be happy to send a picture of the stamping upon request. 

3. Sterling Silver is an Easy Way to Build Your Collection

Sterling silver jewelry is often (though not always) less expensive than gold jewelry, meaning you can buy more pieces without breaking the bank! There are endless styles available so you can always find new pieces that work for you. The large variety of sterling silver options means it is easy to build your collection, whether you are looking for timeless classics or cutting edge couture pieces. And sterling silver doesn't clash with most other metals, so it can be seamlessly woven into your looks!

4. Sterling Silver Keeps Up on Jewelry Trends

Silver is a relatively soft metal so jewelers often use it to experiment with.  People are always excited for the newest styles and options, so designers can create a constant flow of new pieces in sterling silver, meaning new styles are constantly available. And if you're worried about all of your jewelry seeming monotone, don't be! High polish, diamond cut, and matte finishes can create different tones and looks, and it is not uncommon to find gold plating mixed in with your sterling silver jewelry to add additional depth. And if you're looking for high end, one of a kind pieces, designers use sterling silver to cast creative and unique styles all the time!


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