7 Pieces of Jewelry Every Woman Should Own

Here's a quick list of the staples that should be in every woman's jewelry collection!
Fashion Gold Chain
A gold chain can add a delicate and classy touch when worn alone or wear multiple length and textures for a bohemian chic style. See our selection of gold chains here: https://silverandgold.com/collections/fashion-necklace
Diamond Tennis Bracelet
Nothing turns heads like a stunning diamond tennis bracelet.  The simple, yet elegant look makes it a must have for every woman. See our selection of diamond tennis bracelets here: https://silverandgold.com/collections/diamond-bracelets
Classic Pearls
Nothing says timeless like a simple string of pearls. Or you can add a twist and choose a more contemporary take on pearl earrings. Either way, you can’t go wrong.  See our selection of pearl jewelry here: https://silverandgold.com/collections/pearl-jewelry
Bold Cocktail Ring
Cocktail rings are a tasteful way to add a big pop of color or flash to any look and are often a exquisite conversation piece. See our collection of diamond rings, including cocktail rings here: https://silverandgold.com/collections/diamond-rings-1
Diamond Studs
Of course, diamond stud earrings had to make this list. A little sparkle, a little shine, and so much class, these earrings add understated elegance to every look. Check out our selection of stud earrings, including diamond studs, here: https://silverandgold.com/collections/stud-earrings
Gold Bangle
A simple piece that can be easily go from day to night, the classic gold bangle is one of the most sought after pieces of jewelry. Wear a single bangle or stack your wrist, either way, you’ll look great! Check out our selection of gold and silver bangles here: https://silverandgold.com/collections/bangles
Hoop Earrings
Gold hoop earrings have such a range! From bold statement to simple elegance, hoop earrings can accent any look perfectly! Check out our selection of hoop earrings here: https://silverandgold.com/collections/hoop-earrings

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