Be a Savvy Tanzanite Shopper

Tanzanite has taken the gemstone jewelry world by storm over the last 50 years! This beautiful stone is a must have for any jewelry love. 

But what is Tanzanite? How long has it been around? Why should you be shopping Tanzanite right now? Keep reading to learn a little more about this prized stone!

Tanzanite is only found in one place - Tanzania! This stone was only discovered in 1967, meaning it has been being used in jewelry for less than 100 years! Tanzanite can range in color from a lighter violet to a darker blue depending on the cut. Tanzanite is a December birthstone, making it the perfect gift for a December birthday! 

The beautiful shades of violet and blue found in Tanzanite can vary depending on the light source, adding to the beauty of the stone. And if you're wondering how rare this gemstone is, Tanzanite is 1000x more rare than diamond! Tanzanite can only be found in a small 4.3 mile stretch of Tanzania! As of March 2020, there are new restrictions around the Tanzanite mines, making the gemstone even more scarce throughout the world.

Tanzanite is a beautiful gemstone that is sure to be considered an heirloom stone. Be sure to add a little Tanzanite to your jewelry collection today! 

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