Caring for Your Jewelry Safely

Keeping your jewelry clean is incredibly important. Not only does clean jewelry look better, but regular cleanings can help increase the lifespan of your favorite pieces! Here are some suggestions on how you can keep your jewelry sparkling!

1. Leave the Ultra-Sonic Cleaners to the Professionals

Ultrasonic Cleaner, Devices, Cleaning DeviceWhile there are a number of affordable jewelry cleaners on the market, we recommend leaving those to the professionals. If you're not properly trained, you can do serious damage to your jewelry, even if you're following the directions. Certain types of jewelry, such as organic gemstones (think pearls, turquoise, or amber),  or gemstones with breaks that have been filled, should not be used in these cleaners. And if you have a loose stone (which you may not realize), the vibrations could cause the stone to completely fall out. 

2. The Simplest Ways are the Safest Ways

Wash Brush, Hand Brush, Wash Bowl, Water, Soapy WaterSo what can you use to clean your jewelry? It varies depending on your type of jewelry. Most sterling silver can be cleaned with a silver polishing cloth. Most gemstones and gold pieces can be cleaned with warm water, a mild dish soap (no detergents!) and soft bristle toothbrush. A new and clean soft makeup brush is perfect to use on pearls with soapy water. Pearls need to be laid out and allowed to dry completely before putting them away or wearing them (but the best way to keep your pearls looking their best is to wear them - your natural oils are perfect for pearls!).

3. Avoid Chemicals - And I Don't Mean Just Harsh Chemicals

We all know harsh chemicals can damage our jewelry. But did you realize some of your daily beauty products can damage your jewelry! Hair spray, body lotion, and perfumes are just a few of your daily cosmetics that can ruin your jewelry. Treat jewelry as a finishing touch to your look - and don't put your jewelry on until the very end.

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Hopefully these simple cleaning tips will help you keep your jewelry looking beautiful and ready to wear!

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