Choosing the Right Earrings for Your Face Shape

Earrings are one of the most popular pieces of jewelry. Many of us have had our ears pierced since we were kids and own a diverse (and large!) collection of earrings. Have you ever thought about how your earrings and face shape can work together to create balance and draw attention in the best way possible? Read on to find some of our suggestions for the most flattering types of earrings for your face shape.

Oval Face Shape

An oval face has an overall rounded shape but is longer than it is wide without a wide forehead or chin, just like an oval. This face shape is the most accommodating to the widest variety of earrings. You can get away with pretty much anything - studs, dangles, hoops, they will all look balanced on this face shape.

Round Face Shape

A round face is exactly how it sounds - a circular shaped face. If you have a round face, you don't typically have sharp angles within your cheeks or chin. Consider wearing a longer, slender style earring to add length to your face and elongate your neckline. Avoid large hoops - rather than adding a new dimension and shape to your overall look they will just make your face appear more round.

Heart Face Shape

A heart shaped face has forehead that is wider than the chin - meaning your face gradually narrows as you move down it. An easy way to create balance is to wear earrings that are teardrop shape, adding a little weight to the bottom of your face shape. Try avoiding inverted triangle shaped earrings, where the widest part of the triangle is at the top - this mimics your overall face shape and won't create balance.

Diamond Face Shape

Diamond shaped faces are widest at the eyes and are equally narrow at the chin and forehead, creating a longer face with prominent eyes. Because this face shape is more angular, consider earrings that are softer, such as studs or teardrop shapes. When possible, avoid earrings that create sharper angles. 

Square Face Shape

Like a round face, a square face is symmetrical all around but the overall shape is boxier. Consider hoops or circular earrings to help soften your facial angles and add balance to your overall look. Avoid harsh angles in your earrings - they won't be as flattering to your face shape as other styles.

The Most Important Earring Rule...

Above all, wear earrings that make you feel beautiful and that you love! We've made suggestions, but these aren't hard and fast rules you have to live by! Find jewelry that you feel beautiful wearing and don't worry about what anyone else thinks - no matter your face shape, you're a beautiful person!

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