December Birthstones

December is beautiful time to celebrate a birthday! Everything looks lovely covered in sparkling snow, trimmed in garland, accented with twinkling lights. There's so much to celebrate! People born in December are also lucky enough to have three stunning birthstones! What are they? Keep reading to learn more!

Christmas, Happy, Woman, Lights, Joyful, Snow

Tanzanite is a birthstone for December. This gemstone is also used to celebrate the 24th wedding anniversary. Tanzanite’s deep blue color rivals the blue of Sapphires, making desirable to any gemstone collector, but it is often at a lower price point making it attractive to most consumers. It differs from Sapphire, however, as it is more susceptible to scratches if the wearer isn't careful. Unlike other gemstones, Tanzanite is a relatively new gemstone since it was found in 1967. This beautiful blue ring would make the perfect gift for anyone born in December.


Turquoise is another birthstone for the month of December and is also used to celebrate the 11th wedding anniversary. The U.S. is the primary producer of Turquoise jewelry as they are very prominent in California, Nevada, New Mexico and Colorado. These dream catcher earrings hold small pieces of turquoise and would make a great gift!

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