The Earring Guide

Earrings are one of the most diverse types of jewelry - they come in so many styles and can be worn so many ways! Here's a quick guide to help you navigate earring wearing and purchasing!

Types of Earrings


Size: Most often small to medium in size, but can be larger.

Description: Earrings that rest on the earlobe with extending past the end of the earlobe. Often simple and delicate, studs are one of the most popular earring styles.

When to Wear: Any time. Studs are a jewelry staple because they can be dressed up or down.



Size: Varies greatly from small to extra large.

Description: Round, circular earrings varying from small and close to the ear lobe to large and shoulder brushing. 

When to Wear: Can be worn both day or night, but a good rule of thumb is smaller hoops are for day and larger hoops are for night.


Size: Typically medium.

Description: Instead of dropping below the earlobe, these earring extends upwards along the ear.

When to Wear: Can be worn both day or night and is the perfect way to add a little edge to your look. As this style is newer, it is seen less often and will often garner attention.

Size: Varies from dropping just below the earlobe to shoulder brushing. These can also range from narrow to wide.
Description: These earrings are noted for movement, as they do not simply rest against the earlobe. Commonly sparkly or elegant, these earrings can vary greatly in appearance.
When to Wear: Most commonly worn with evening wear or formal outfits but it is becoming more common to wear this style to elevate a casual look.

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