Easy and Inexpensive Ways to Beat Your Quarantine Blues with Jewelry

We get it - you're spending a lot more time in your home than normal, missing family and friends. We can't thank all the essential workers out there enough for keeping us safe and healthy and, of course, we are doing are part by staying at home. But all this time inside can bring on the blues. Luckily, here at SilverAndGold, we've got a few in expensive jewelry suggestions on how to brighten your or someone else's day!

1. Send a Meaningful Gift

    Let someone know you are thinking about them by sending a small gift full of meaning! Consider sending beautiful Tree of Life Jewelry. The Tree of Life has been a symbol for family ties and love for hundreds of years. The Tree is a reminder that even though we all grow up and spread our branches wide, it is our roots that keep us strong and stable.

Check out our Tree of Life Collection for a meaningful and inexpensive gift for someone you love or yourself!


2. Send a Personal Gift

      Choose a little gift that shows you know this person through and through! Birthstone jewelry is a perfect way to show you chose a gift just for them (or for you!). Here's a helpful hint, if you aren't positive on their birthday, check out their social media profile for a little guidance! Birthstone jewelry is always fun to receive and is sure to bring a smile to anyone's face!

Shop our Birthstone Jewelry Collection here and don't worry, there are tons of super affordable, beautiful pieces!


3. Send a Surprise!

     Who doesn't love a surprise? The Jewelry Box by SilverAndGold is the monthly jewelry subscription box everyone is excited about! The Jewelry Box delivers 2 - 3 pieces of quality jewelry right to your door every month! And if you sign up now, you'll save $10 on your first box! Or, you can sign up for the 3 month, 6 month, or 12 month subscription to save even more! SilverAndGold even has Allergy Friendly options!

Treat someone you love or yourself to a jewelry surprise and give The Jewelry Box a try!

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