February Birthstones: Their History and Meaning

February babies celebrate their birthday with the beautiful amethyst gemstone! February is the month of romance, with Valentine’s Day falling right in the middle, making amethyst a perfect birthstone for this month. Amethyst is a variety of Quartz that comes in shades of purple ranging from deep violet to a lighter lilac. The name comes from Ancient Greek word “methustos” which means “intoxicated”. It was once thought to promote calm, balance, and peace between lovers and improve their patience.

Amethyst can be found all over the world in geodes or in cavities of granitic rocks. This gemstone has been associated with many myths, legends, religions and cultures. In old England it was used to symbolize royalty. Some say Saint Valentine had an amethyst ring carved with an image of Cupid. Leonardo da Vinci once wrote that amethyst helps quicken one’s intelligence and holds the power to dissipate evil thoughts.

This stone is not only known to be the birthstone of February but also as a celebratory milestone for a 6th or 17th wedding anniversary. So if you are searching for a gift for that someone special born in February or just for someone special this stunning purple stone is the perfect fit!



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