Important Treasure Gift - Hand Made Sterling and Gold Okimono 置物 Ship

The Japanese Okimono is a form of commemorative present given in respect for a lifetime of achievement. The treasure ship Okimono, a fanciful ship representing the accumulation of experiences, shown as different types of literal treasure, coins, and casks. It is marked on the tiller as being crafted of pure silver (Jungin) but is likely a 950/1000 silver alloy. The skillful variation in color that you see is done with gold gilding. The silver has tarnished only a little with time but the overall effect is just amazing for all that. The ship itself is displayed on a sea of plated silver fixed to a wooden stand and covered by a glass framed case. These pieces are often the work of one of the Japanese artists that have been designated as National Treasures or Sensei. This item will be on sale soon as item code SG0013.
National Japanese Treasure Ship

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