Holiday Travel? Here’s How to Travel with Jewelry

Holiday travel can be stressful— making sure you pack everything, long airport lines, hours in a car—it’s enough to make anyone feel strained!  When you throw jewelry into the mix, it can become an even bigger headache. Necklaces tangle, earring backs disappear, and who really knows where to put that not-so-inexpensive bracelet? We’ve compiled some of the best advice, tricks, and DIY’s to help you choose the right pieces to take and keep them safe, whether you’re traveling down the street or overseas.

There are a plethora of problems that can occur when traveling with jewelry, and while you may want to bring your favorite pieces, here are some things you should consider before you take them with you:

  • Worst case scenario, you lose your most sentimental, irreplaceable piece. This is one of the most common problems that occurs when traveling with jewelry--losing something.
  • Leaving jewelry in your luggage can cause it to tangle and knot up pretty intensely. When have you ever seen anyone handle luggage delicately?
  • You know how the dryer eats socks? Hotel rooms eat jewelry. Keeping your jewelry accounted for is fairly difficult, especially when rushing. Rings get left next to bathroom sinks, necklaces on bedside tables, etc.

To avoid running into these issues as best as possible, the key is to pack lightly. Leave your expensive, sentimental, or irreplaceable jewelry home in your safe. Reach for simple everyday pieces of jewelry with one statement piece. When traveling, you have to be realistic about what pieces you absolutely need to bring, and coordinate your outfits accordingly. Think about what your trip will entail, whether it’s having an exquisite time out, attending a wedding, or going to a family gathering, and choose your pieces carefully.


Speaking of weddings, those beautiful carats you carry on your ring finger should probably stay at home if you might take them off during the trip. You might think it is safer to leave your ring on the bedside table of your hotel room than wearing it while snorkeling in the ocean, but what if you forget it? Instead of wearing that gorgeous but expensive wedding set, wear your wedding band only or purchase a simple wedding band specifically for traveling. If you would be heartbroken over the loss of a specific piece of jewelry, or if it would be hard to replace, leave it home. While it may be difficult to leave your favorite pieces behind, it’s so much better than losing them forever. If leaving your jewelry home is absolutely impossible, you should consider jewelry insurance and or use a safe or safety deposit box to keep your jewelry secured upon your arrival.

When you start packing, choose versatile pieces that can be worn with more than one outfit, or for more than one occasion. Never leave your jewelry unattended; it should be close to you at all times.  An easy way to keep track of the jewelry you’re bringing is to take pictures of it beforehand. Purchasing a jewelry organizer or jewelry roll can be a lot of help with keeping your pieces organized and untangled. If you can’t afford one, here are some helpful DIY’s that work wonders:

Mint Tin: Save your Tic-Tac and Altoid tins. They make for a reliable jewelry container, especially when you add cotton balls for extra protection.

Drawstring Jewelry Cases:  While this method is NOT recommended for necklaces, drawstring pouches are a great way to contain jewelry like bracelets and earrings. The soft cloth helps keep them scratch free.

Pill Containers:  The “Day of the Week” pill organizer is perfect for keeping track of earrings, especially if you’ve brought more than one pair with you.

Drinking Straws:  The necklace tangle plague has been lifted! Simply feed your necklace through a drinking straw and clasp the ends to keep your necklaces tangle and knot free.

Ziploc Bag:  Rings and earrings can be put in Ziploc bags together, while necklaces should be put in by themselves. To keep tangle at a minimum, put the necklace in the bag, pull the ends outside of the bag, and zip them closed.

Toilet Paper Roll: This method is a good way to keep track of bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. You can pin you earrings to the sides, bracelets can go straight on the roll, and necklaces can be fed through them and clasped at the ends.

Jewelry Roll: If you don’t already have a jewelry roll, making one is as simple as taking a small travel towel and carefully arranging and rolling your jewelry inside.

By considering our advice and using the tips listed above, you should have a much easier time choosing and preserving your jewelry for your next trip!

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