How to Show Off Your Engagement Ring

Just engaged? Congratulations! Once you answer one of the most exciting questions you’ll ever be asked with a “yes”, you want to tell the whole world about it! These days, one of the next steps to take (after calling your parents, of course) is to share your exciting news via social media. And of course, share a picture of your lovely new ring! But what are the best ways to snap a pic of this new piece of jewelry? Here are just a few ideas!


The Scenic Route

Did he (or she) propose to you on your favorite beach? Or at a park the two of you visit often? Maybe he proposed in a field of your favorite wildflowers? If the question was popped somewhere beautiful or meaningful, be sure to include it in the picture! Even if no one else will recognize the meaningful location, you’ll love looking back on the memory later!

With Your Fiancé

It may be your engagement ring, but that doesn’t mean only you can be in the photo! This photo is a perfect example of a beautiful way to show off a Fall engagement together! Try holding hands, linking arms, or even sharing a quick kiss while showing off your ring for a sweet and gushy picture!


Painted Nails

You don’t have to snap a picture and share it to social media the moment you say “yes”! Feel free to take some time and set up a picture that you love! Painting your nails can be a fun way to emphasize the love! Choose a romantic color scheme of pink and red, or perhaps a glittery color that sparkles as much as your ring, or even charming hearts that will certainly let everyone know you’re in love! 


Hands Free

Want to show the world you’re beautiful ring in a fun and pretty way, but not into a close up picture of your hands being shared with everyone you’ve ever met? We get it. A quick trip to your local dollar store and you can find cute plates, silk flowers, and a million other fun accessories for a cute photo without feeling self conscious!


The Unplanned

Everyone is different. Some people want a stunning picture to look at for years to come. Others want a stylish and "in" photo to share across their social media. And other still don’t care how the picture looks, they just want to share their excitement with the world! And there is nothing wrong with any of those! If you’re in the last category, don’t feel pressure to take the perfect picture with a planned color scheme and scenery, just share your news, everyone will get to see the ring later!

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