Invisible Settings - Stunning Rings with a Secret Setting

Looking for a stunning diamond ring but trying not to break the bank? Invisible settings are a fantastic way to help make your engagement ring or wedding ring budget stretch without having to compromise the beauty of your ring! But what exactly is an invisible setting? Simply put, an invisible setting is a mounting that cannot be seen; it holds the stones snug inside the ring so the setting itself is not as noticeable. What makes this setting special is the smaller diamonds or gemstones are resting side by side, giving the illusion of a single, larger stone.  Typically, you’ll see square or princess cut stones coming together to create the impression of a single stone, like the stunning rings shown below.

This sparkling style was developed in France around the beginning of the 19th century.  While this setting is most commonly used in diamonds, it can be used for any gemstone. The technique is complicated, but it can also be a budget friendly option, as smaller stones are used. 

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