Is Cubic Zirconia a Type of Diamond?

Is Cubic Zirconia a Type of Diamond? The 'Techno-babble'

In the early 1930s, inclusions in the natural occurring Zircon were discovered as Cubic Zirconia. The crystalline form of zirconium dioxide is cubic Zirconia which we all commonly refer to as simply CZ. People sometimes confuse cubic Zirconia (or CZ) with zirconium or zircon. Technically, all three of these CZ, Zirconium and Zircon are all different (Zircon is Zirconium Silicate whereas Zirconium is a metal which is used in the powdered form with other elements to form Cubic Zirconia - the clear gemstone we all know and love).

Cubic Zirconia Is Not a Diamond

Both Diamond and Cubic Zirconia share many traits and properties, but Cubic Zirconia and Diamond are not the same thing. Cubic Zirconia is not a diamond, but it is similar to a Diamond and CZ is mainly a Lab-Created stone.

It is nearly impossible to differentiate between Cubic Zirconia (CZ) and Diamond with the naked eye or for a non-expert or with no instrument. The optical, brightness, brilliance, color and physical/chemical properties of CZ are similar to a Diamond. In fact, a lab created CZ is a near perfect diamond imposter and it can sparkle flawlessly.

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Although, Cubic Zirconia is not a diamond, a CZ has similar properties with a Diamond. There are a few differences that separate them.

  • Hardness:

As CZ is a hard substance, but it’s not as hard as a diamond. On a standard hardness scale, a Cubic Zirconia rates around an 8 whereas a diamond rates a 10. Both are very hard substances, but a Diamond is harder.

  • Illusion-Free:

A Cubic Zirconia stone (CZ) is created in a lab. It is flawless and it has no defects. A diamond has inherent defects and flaws typically called inclusions.

  • Less Durable:

A Cubic Zirconia stone (CZ)  is less durable than diamond, it is can be scratched.

  • Color:

Cubic Zirconia stone (CZ) is colorless where diamonds are mostly tinted. Diamonds come in nearly every color of the rainbow wherewas a CZ stone is lab created to be crystal clear and brilliant.

  • Heavier:

Cubic Zirconia stone (CZ) is 1.7 times heavier than diamond. I doubt anyone would notice the differences in gram weight of a 1 carat stone on your finger - but it is a technical difference nonetheless.

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Cubic Zirconia stone (CZ) is lab created, and therefore much more affordable. It is not such a worry to wear everyday and, if you lose a CZ stone you won't spend months or years lamenting over the loss.

At SilverAndGold, we have a wide variety of Genuine Certified Diamonds, Lab Created Diamonds, Lab Created Cubic Zirconia stones and even Lab Created Moissanite. Each is clearly labeled as such - and don't be afraid to ask our experts their opinions.

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