Jewelry Boredom Busters

Spending all this time at home has its ups and downs. My house is cleaner than is has ever been and I finished a half dozen little projects that I've been putting off for ages. But let's be honest, once the house is clean and you're out of nostalgic Disney movies or thrilling TV series to watch, it can get boring! wants to offer a few jewelry boredom busters to help keep you entertained and keep your jewelry game on point!


1. Clean Out Your Jewelry Box

I know, I know - more cleaning! But hear me out. Cleaning out your jewelry box can actually be a lot of fun. For starters, it's jewelry and that makes the task much more pleasant. Consider it a trip down memory lane. You'll find jewelry you'd forgotten about that you can start incorporating into your look or pieces that were given as gifts that have sentimental value. It's a great chance to find new ways to keep your look fresh and to remember your family and friends while you're apart. Plus, once you're finished, you'll feel a sense of accomplishment for completing the task!


2. Online Retail Therapy

Everything is a little more stressful than normal right now. What better way to relax and unwind than treating yourself to a little jewelry! has a wide variety of styles for every budget, so you will be able to find something you love at a price point you love! 




3. Jewelry Fashion Show

We are all missing our family and friends right now with many people turning to video chats to keep in touch. So why not make your next video chat a little more interesting and have a jewelry fashion show! Ask each member of your family to wear a piece of jewelry that has a funny or touching story behind it and then share those stories with one another! It's a great way to stay connected and have fun together! 

4. Get a Surprise Delivered Monthly

Who doesn't love a good surprise? offers several different subscription boxes, including The Jewelry Box, The Allergy Friendly Jewelry Box, and The Ring of the Month Club. Each box offers something a little different, but what stays the same is beautiful jewelry in silver and gold with pearls, gemstones, and more being delivered directly to your door every month! Check them and give yourself something exciting to look forward to each month!


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