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What does your jewelry box look like? If it looks anything like mine did up until a few days ago, it was a tangle of chains, earrings, and assorted oddities that was too terrifying to even consider dealing with. But, over the weekend, I decided it was time to face the challenge and save my jewelry! After all, I bought each piece because I wanted to wear it - it's not doing me any good knotted up in a box! Keep reading to see how I took a tangled mess and turned it into an easy, organized box!

 Mamaw's Place: Ideas for jewelry organizing....

  1. Use Buttons to Keep Studs Together

I can't be the only who loses just one stud earring, can I? I have a designated drawer in my jewelry box for my earrings, but I tend to just drop each pair in it and say a prayer that when I want to wear them again, I'll be able to find them among the sea of silver and gold studs.

Jars, Containers, Display, Displays, Button, ButtonsBut a friend of mine told me her secret to keeping her earrings organized - BUTTONS! Grab that old jar of buttons (we all have one!), pull out some of the larger ones, and attach your earrings through the buttonholes! If it’s a large button and small studs, you can put both earrings on one button. If not, just use matching buttons! It is still so much easier to find a matching button vs a matching stud earring and the button is large enough that I notice if I drop it by mistake!

  1. Keep Your Chains in Line with Straws

As we move away from one time use straws and move towards reusable straws, I wasn’t sure what to do with the stash of take-out straws I have accumulated over the years. It’s not a huge number, but I probably have 10-15 straws just sitting in a kitchen drawer. If you also happen to be in this situation, I have a great use for those straws! Don’t worry, you can use paper straws or reusable straws for this hack too!

String our chains through the straw and connect the clasp. That’s literally it! But now, your chains won’t tangle with one another (or with itself!) and you can keep your necklaces ready to wear!

  1. Put Those Silica Bags to Good Use!

You know those tiny silica bags you find in new handbags, shoes, and other purchases? Hang on to those and keep one or two in your jewelry box to absorb moisture! Change it out every few months to keep things fresh!

  1. Consider Separate Storage for Your Everyday Pieces

I have a few pieces of jewelry that I wear frequently – a favorite pair of earrings, a necklace I love, a ring with special meaning. Up until a few weeks ago, I left my Richards Storage & Organization | Gray And Pink Jewelry Drawer ...daily jewelry everywhere – a piece on my nightstand, another on my bathroom sink. But after a horrifying experience (I thought I lost a treasured pair of earrings given to me by my mom down my sink!) I realized this could not continue. So I purchased a small jewelry tray that fits on my bathroom shelf. Instead of returning them to my jewelry box each night or leaving them lying around, I just drop my jewelry into the tray before I brush my teeth each night. I sleep soundly knowing where my favorite pieces are and when I am rushing around in the morning, they are super easy to just grab!

We’d love to hear about your favorite jewelry tips! Share them at and we might even feature them in a future blog post!

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