June Birthstones

Were you born in the month of June? If so, Happy Birthday!! Celebrate another year with jewelry - and not just any jewelry! Birthstone jewelry is a fun and special way to celebrate a birthday, whether it is your day or the special day of a friend or family member. June has several birthstones, Pearls, Alexandrite, & Moonstones. Keep reading to learn more about each birthstone!


Pearls are both classic and modern. They're a timeless style that can be dressed up or down to create any look you like. A strand of white pearls will forever be sign as a lasting sign of class. But pearls can come in a huge variety of colors, like lavender or peach, and that pop of color can really bring a look to life!

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Moonstone is another June birthstone and this is one is perhaps a little underappreciated. Moonstone is composed of the mineral feldspar. The thin layers of this mineral scatter the light and create a beautiful shimmery effect and a milky glow. The best quality moonstones are transparent with a blue shimmer, but that doesn't mean the other calls aren't just as beautiful!


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Alexandrite is a gemstone that is often described as “emerald by day, ruby by night” because the stone changes from a bluish green in the light to a purplish red when the light is dimmed. This gemstone is relatively new as it was only discovered in 1834. But the chameleon like color made it popular quickly! It's a beautiful stone that would make a lovely gift, even if it's not you're not lucky enough to be able to call it your birthstone!

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