May's Birthstone: The Emerald

Often considered the gem stone of royalty and romance, the most valued emeralds feature a vibrant green color and beautiful clarity. With colors ranging from bluish green to greenish blue, these striking gemstones are used in all types of jewelry, creating beautiful pendants, earrings, rings, and bracelets. 

A Brief History

The popularity of emeralds in jewelry is nothing new - Emeralds have been recognized and prized for their alluring beauty for as long as we know. Emerald mining occurred as far back as 300 BC. Ancient Greeks and Romans wore emeralds as jewelry and decoration. And tt was around the 1500s that these stones became popular with emperors in India and were introduced to Europe.


In ancient times, it was said that emeralds were the stones of the goddess Venus, the goddess of love, which is why emeralds are a popular stone for romantic gifts. It is that emeralds will bring happiness, passion, desire, and eternal love to the wearer! Today, we also associate emeralds green color with rebirth, fertility, and springtime.

Who Wore It Best?

Emeralds have been around for centuries, so they have made plenty of appearances on the famous and powerful. Cleopatra favored the green gemstone and was said to have donned emeralds. In 1820, the Duchess of Angoulême Marie Thérèse of France received an emerald tiara, which was commissioned by her husband, which now resides in The Louvre Museum. Elizabeth Taylor had an impressive emerald jewelry collection worth almost $100 million, given to her by her then husband, Richard Burton. Even today, popular celebrities like Taraji Henson and Angelina Jolie can be seen sporting seductive emeralds on the red carpet!


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