Men's Wedding Bands: The Unspoken Challenge

If you do a quick search online, you'll find hundreds of articles on how to choose the right engagement ring and/or wedding band for her (we have some great blogs on it!) but only a handful of tips on choosing a wedding band for him.

Your man deserves a ring he's comfortable wearing every day. And while some men want to be involved in choosing their wedding band, others aren't sure about the process or are uncomfortable shopping for jewelry when they've never worn it before and just want it to be over quickly. But a little knowledge going into the shopping experience can make it painless and ensure he's happy with his choice for years to come.

Here's a little advice on how to find the perfect wedding band for him.

Choosing the Right Metal

You know your guy better than anyone! You know what his daily routine at work entails, what his hobbies are, and his overall lifestyle, all of which are important when choosing his wedding band. Men's wedding bands are available in the traditional yellow, rose, and white gold, platinum, and sterling silver, but more recently we have started seeing titanium, tungsten, and even stainless steel make an appearance in the wedding band scene. These metals are all different in look, price point, and durability, so consider your guy's lifestyle and decide which option works best for him. You may also want to consider how his wedding band will look with yours, but the days of husbands and wives having perfectly matching wedding bands are over - choose what makes you both happy, even if that isn't the same thing! (My husband's and my ring are not the same material or style, but I promise it hasn't made us any less committed to our marriage!)

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Choosing the Right Style

When you think of a wedding band for him, most of us immediately picture the classic wedding band style - a simple band, single tone, not too wide or too thin. And there is nothing wrong with that style, but did you know that men's wedding band styles have changed and more options are available now then ever before. From the classic band to something with an engraved design to mixed metals to diamonds, you can find something that will fit his personality perfectly. If you're not sure what his jewelry tastes are (or if he's unsure, many men have never shopped for jewelry for themselves before choosing a wedding band), do some browsing before making your purchase. You may both be surprised at what he's drawn to. (I was sure my husband would go traditional, but after a little browsing, he ended up choosing a band with a two tone rope design. Who knew? But I'm glad he found something he likes wearing!)

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Choosing the Budget

Once you've narrowed down the metal and style, decide on a budget. Budgets are great to have in place when making a big purchase - don't feel like you have to stick to it 100%, but it gives you a nice framework to help keep your purchase in check. Plus, if you're working with a jewelry expert to find the right ring, they're going to ask for your budget and that can lead to an awkward public discussion if you and yours haven't already talked about it. And the odds are you're also planning and paying for a wedding, so having a budget in place can help relieve some of the stress and anxiety big purchase shopping can bring. 

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