Morganite: Gemstone and Jewelry


Morganite is a dazzling and stunning gemstone that is often used in jewelry that is made to stand out. This gemstone boasts a beautiful pink hue that is both unique and distinct from other pink gemstones. The stone is gaining in popularity, and it's important to understand what morganite is, where it's found and how it's used.



What is Morganite?  

Morganite is a form of beryl, which is also the mineral family of aquamarine and emerald. This beautiful gemstone is found in colors ranging from pale pink to a deep, velvety brownish-pink. It is mainly composed of a chemical compound known as beryllium aluminum silicate. Morganite was first discovered in California in the early 20th century, where its unique pink shade and durability quickly made it a desirable gemstone. The name "Morganite" was chosen to honor the famous financier J. P. Morgan.

What is Morganite


Where is Morganite Found?  

Morganite is commonly found in Brazil, Madagascar, Mozambique, Namibia, and the United States. The largest and most spectacular Morganite specimens come from Brazil. Brazil's Morganite gems can exhibit a stunning sizzling pink hue that rivals any other pink gemstone.

Morganite from Madagascar tends to be smaller in size and lighter in color than Brazilian Morganite. However, this does not reduce its beauty, as it still creates striking and elegant jewelry pieces. Other countries where morganite is found also have unique characteristics that make them favorable for certain types of jewelry.

Where is Morganite Found?


Properties of Morganite:  

Morganite is a relatively hard (7.5-8 on the Mohs scale), durable, and long-lasting gemstone that is resistant to scratching and chipping. Its hardness makes it suitable for most styles of jewelry, including rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. It has excellent clarity and luster, making it suitable for faceting, and it can be cut into various shapes such as round, cushion, pear, oval, and baguette.

The vivid pink hue of Morganite is due to the presence of manganese. The darker pink shade of Morganite is often due to the presence of cesium, which also enhances its color. A very rare variety of Morganite is found in Afghanistan, exhibiting a chromium-induced reddish-pink color that is called "Raspberry Morganite."

Properties of Morganite:


How is Morganite Used in Jewelry?  

Morganite's pink hue provides a unique alternative to traditional gemstones such as diamonds, rubies, and sapphires. It is often used in engagement rings, wedding bands, and other pieces of bridal jewelry. One reason for this is to symbolize the purity and beauty of love. Morganite engagement rings have become more popular in recent years because of the stone's rarity and distinctive hue.

Morganite also looks stunning when set in rose gold and halo arrangements. The pink color of the Morganite is well complemented by the soft luster of rose gold, which enhances the gemstone's warm tone and shades of pale pink. The halo setting also accentuates the size of the stone, making it appear larger. Morganite also compliments other gemstones such as diamonds and pearls to create unique and elegant pieces of jewelry. As a statement gemstone, it makes a beautiful centerpiece in necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. For example, by combining Morganite with diamonds, the stone becomes more elegant and prominent.



Morganite Care and Maintenance:  

When taking care of your Morganite jewelry, avoid using harsh chemicals or cleaners as they can harm your gemstone. Additionally, Morganite should not be exposed to excessive heat or direct sunlight as it can cause color-fading. One of the best ways to care for Morganite is to regularly clean it with mild soap and warm water, followed by a gentle polishing with a soft, dry cloth. It is essential to store Morganite in a fabric-lined jewelry box or a soft pouch to prevent any scratches or damage.




Morganite is a stunning gemstone that is perfect for creating unique and elegant pieces of jewelry. Its distinct pink hue makes it a popular choice for engagement rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. It also possesses a distinctive beauty that enhances other gemstones, pearls, and metals. Morganite is a durable gemstone that is relatively easy to care for and maintain. By keeping it clean and storing it correctly, you can ensure that your Morganite jewelry remains stunning and long-lasting. With its unique beauty, it is easy to see why Morganite is becoming increasingly popular in the jewelry industry.


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