Morganite's Unique Color

Morganite is a beautiful gemstone known for it’s soft, baby pink hue. Although this stone often flies under the radar, the gem’s popularity is beginning to grow, especially in engagement rings. Still, many jewelry lovers aren’t familiar with this stunning gemstone. Let’s take a few minutes to get to know the history and mystery of Morganite.

Morganite was discovered in 1910 by George Kunz, the chief gemologist for Tiffany & Co. He named the stone after his friend and famous financier, J.P. Morgan, hence the name “Morganite”. While it was discovered in Madagascar, Morganite can be found in countries across the globe, including the United States, although most of the world’s supply of this stunning gemstone comes from Brazil.


The color of Morganite can vary significantly! Morganite found in Brazil tends to have a peachy, almost salmon color while African Morganite is a softer, lighter shade of pink. Strong color presence is rare in Morganite, so the bolder and more vibrant the stone’s color is, the higher the stone’s value will be.


Morganite is a member of the Beryl Family, which also includes the popular gemstones emerald and aquamarine. Unlike emeralds, Morganite tends to be free of inclusions or blemishes, which means the stones more likely to be eye clean without the need for enhancements or treatments.

Morganite Gemstones

The largest specimen of Morganite was found in 1989 in the state of Maine weighing 50 lbs! It was split into several different pieces, the largest of which can be found in Harvard’s mineral museum named the “Rose of Maine”.


Adding a pop of color to your engagement ring has become a popular way to add personality to a traditional engagement ring. While emeralds, sapphires, and rubies took a quick lead in popularity for these rings, Morganite has been moving slow and steady up the popularity charts, especially when paired with the delicately feminine rose gold rings.


Morganite is a beauty that cannot be denied – be sure to add a little of this treasured stone to your jewelry collection by shopping on


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