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Pearl jewelry is iconic. If I asked you to think "pearl jewelry", I'm willing to bet you conjure up an image of Audrey Hepburn's famous strings of

pearls or that classic pair of perfect white studs that we all own. And while those pieces are perfect examples of pearl jewelry, the world of pearls has so much more to offer!

Hey all - it's Jessica from SNG TV. Pearls are some of my favorite pieces of jewelry to talk about when I'm hosting and I realized that my love of pearls didn't start until I saw the range of pearl jewelry available on I'm taking over the SilverAndGold blog to share my pearl perspective and some of my favorite pearl jewelry pieces!

Pearl Prices

Did you know that quality pearls don't have to break your budget? Before my time with SNG TV, I thought pearls were always hidden away in a safety deposit box at the bank or kept in a safe under lock and key. But the truth is, you can find quality pearls at an affordable price without sacrificing the beauty! Take a look at these 8 mm Brilliant Gold South Seas Lustrous Cultured Pearl Earrings in Sterling Silver. They'd be the perfect addition to anyone's jewelry collection but the cost is less than what you'd spend on a dinner out! These are a must have for any jewelry lover (and yes, I must have them!). 

Pearl Shapes

This one seems obvious looking back (I mean, these are natural, organic gemstones) but I was amazed when I realized pearls can be hundreds of different shapes! The perfect round pearl is classic, but pearls can be found in so many shapes - button, pear, drop, oval, ringed, baroque, and more! Embrace the beauty in all of these choices and add a little of each to your collection - like these drop pearls set in a bold, modern style earring. We've shared these earrings on SNG TV before and every time I get to talk about them, I just can't help but gush. These are my go-to earrings for a fun night out with friends or when I want to add a little flair to my look. 

Pearl Colors

I had no idea pearl jewelry was such a rainbow! Before SNG TV, when I thought pearls, I thought crisp white. If you were feeling bold, you'd step away from white and consider a soft peach. Who knew pearls ranged from perfectly white to lavender (you know how I feel about purple!) to black and every shade in between! Take a look at this opera length string of pearls in shades of black, gray, and silver. This is one of my favorite pieces (of all time - not just among the pearls). These are natural pearls in a variety of sizes and shapes to create a look no one else can replicate. Picture this beauty wrapped around your throat with your favorite little black dress or layered over a warm turtle neck sweater. Or paired with jeans, sneakers, and band t-shirt. Or a flowery spring dress and sandals...I'll stop now but you get the picture - they'll complement everything! 

Mother of Pearl

I'll admit - I assumed Mother of Pearl was a "lesser than" gemstone before my time at SNG TV began. I didn't realize that mother of pearl is a natural gemstone made of the same material as traditional pearls. It holds a special place in my jewelry collection because it is so versatile - from rings to pendants to brooches to earrings, mother of pearl adds luminescence and class to any piece. This necklace is one of my favorite ways to showcase mother of pearl (plus the pendant is multi-wear, how cool is that?).


If I haven't changed your mind about the beauty of pearls, I'll just assume you were already on my side to begin with. Pearls will always be associated with grace and tradition, but I love that they also have an edgy, modern side too. Shop SilverAndGold's Pearl collection to find the perfect piece for your look!

And remember, if you want to shop along with me and our other SNG TV Hosts, watch SNG TV any time, available on Roku, Amazon Fire,, and in the AppStore!

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