Proper Pearl Care

We all know pearl jewelry is classic! Lustrous pearls are perfect for any occasion - from weddings to date nights, these stunning pieces will never go out of style! And while pearls are fairly durable, proper care is necessary to keep them looking their best! Here's a few tips to ensure your pearls are looking radiant:

  • The easiest way to keep pearls looking beautiful is to wear them! Pearls originated from living organisms. Absorbing the natural oils from your skin is great for them! So don't hide your pearl jewelry in your jewelry box, wear it!
  • When you are storing your pearls, keep them wrapped in a soft cloth or pouch, not an airtight container. Without moisture from the air, pearls can weaken and crack.
  • Keep your pearls away from perfume, hairspray, sunscreen, cosmetics, and other chemicals as these can eat away at pearls. Be sure to wipe your pearls down gently with a soft cloth after wearing them prior to putting them away.
  • Pearls should not be submerged in water, meaning don't wear them in the shower, swimming pool, or while washing dishes. The chlorine in the water or dish soap used can harm the pearls. 
  • Don't hang pearls when storing them. This can strain the silk or string the pearls are strung on. If you wear your pearls regularly, they should be restrung every few years.

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