Rebellion, Glamour, & Cocktail Rings

Everyone knows what a cocktail ring is - in fact, most of us instantly conjure a picture of an overly large, sparkly, and - let's be honest - gaudy ring. But why on earth are they called cocktail rings and why do women wear them? Turns out, they have quite an interesting history of bold rebellion for women in the 1920s! 
The 1920s was a time of many changes in the United States, especially for women. Not only did women gain the right to vote, but they also began working outside of the home more often. As women began carving out new roles in society, they also changed their style to reflect their new, empowered position. Women moved from long, corseted dresses to shorter hemlines and trousers, long hairstyles changed to bobs, and women wore makeup, smoked, drank, and danced to newly popular jazz music!
What does any of this have to do with cocktail rings? Well, women weren't letting their actions get swept under the rug. Women wanted their rebellious and daring acts to be seen! And so, during Prohibition, women sipped alcoholic drinks while wearing cocktail rings to draw attention to the forbidden beverage in their hand. That's right, the ring was to grab attention and make sure everyone saw the illicit cocktail they were drinking! And of course, that is how this piece of jewelry got its name.
This trend pops back up during the holidays, but don't feel limited to wearing your cocktail rings only at holiday parties! Consider wearing your bold and flashy ring at a Spring black tie wedding or at a Summer cocktail party (after all, it would be fitting)! Given the bold history, it would be a shame to let the opportunity to wear such a statement making ring pass unnoticed! 
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