Shopping for a Diamond Ring? Check Out these 5 Tips!

Looking for that perfect diamond ring, but afraid of the price? Don’t be! Keep reading for 5 tips and tricks to find the perfect ring without breaking the bank!

1. One of the most popular ring settings is called a “halo setting”.  A halo ring has a center stone with small diamonds surrounding it, creating the illusion of a larger stone! This is a great way to save a little money while still giving the appearance of a larger diamond ring.

2. Be flexible with your stone shape. Often fancy shapes, such as the cushion, heart, and emerald, are less expensive than the brilliant round cut. Sometimes, choosing a diamond with these shapes can help the diamond seem even larger!


3. Choose a diamond weight that is just below a whole carat. Often a 0.85 – 0.95 carat diamond is much less expensive than a 1 carat diamond, but the size is virtually undetectable to the naked eye!

4. Many inclusions in diamonds cannot be seen without magnification, so consider an average clarity grade. No one will know your diamond has inclusions unless you decide to show them under intense magnification!

5. The same goes for diamond colors. Often a lower color grade isn’t visible to the naked eye but is considerably less expensive, so you can save a significant amount without sacrificing the overall look of your diamond.


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