Spring Jewelry Trends Straight from the Runway

It might not feel like Spring is almost here, but it's just a few short weeks away! And of course, that means Spring jewelry trends are just starting to appear. We took a look at the Spring 2020 runway jewelry trends and picked our favorite new trends to share with you! So keep reading for ideas to freshen up your look and keep on point!

1. Colorful Jewelry

I was so excited to see this trend going strong! I love the classic silver and gold, but sometimes, a pop of color can really elevate a look. Bright flowers, bold gemstones, and vibrant enamel could be seen up and down the runway! 

Try the Bold Trend: Go bold and give this hot pink sapphire ring a chance, you won't be disappointed!

Everyday Interpretation: If you want to add a little color to your look without being too bold, give these pink mother of pearl dragonfly earrings a try for a more subtle dash of color.


2. Pearls

I love pearls! They're a timeless look that you never have to worry about going out of style and a way to instantly add a touch of class to your ensemble. And pearls aren't just for special occasions, we are seeing pearls paired with everything from jeans and sandals to formal ball gowns, so go wild!

Try the Bold Trend: When you think pearl jewelry, you instantly think of the classic strand of pearls. Try something different with this sophisticated pearl ring!

Everyday Interpretation: Want to stick to the classics? You can't go wrong with these lavender pearl studs - a classic!

3. Big (and we mean BIG) Hoop Earrings

A hoop earring is another staple piece of jewelry but they are getting bigger and better in 2020. We saw massive hoop earrings, made in every color, texture, and style you can think of!

Try the Bold Trend: Go big or go home with these large two tone diamond texture gold hoops that will definitely turn heads!

Everyday Interpretation: These hoops are a bit more practical in size but just as flashy with a twist design and two tone look!


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