The Ancient and Mysterious Algerian Love Knot

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For years, the Algerian love knot formation has been a favorite anniversary gift when it comes to jewelry. The love knot is a familiar symbol of love and affection. Sometimes referred to as a Celtic love knot, it stands for eternal love and caring in a relationship. The love knot can also symbolize stability and completeness.

Love Knot Jewelry Necklace | SilverAndGoldA love knot normally consists of two, three, or more metal rings which have been flattened and usually formed into an Algerian design. There is probably a no better display of love and affection for a spouse than presenting them with an Algerian love knot necklace.

Origins and Meanings of the Love Knot

The origin of the love knot dates back to the Roman empire. The love knot was perceived to have both mystical and magical powers. These powers could be summoned and used to manufacture both good and bad intentions in people. Over time, more specifically, the Algerian love knot became associated with health, love, spirituality, and even weather conditions.

Love Knot jewelry | SilverAndGoldBesides being used for magic, other cultures adapted the knots to fit different purposes. A few native American tribes utilized love knots for communication purposes and a sign of friendship and love. Fishermen in the 18th century formed the knots in remembrance of family and friends as they sailed the open seas for long periods of time - it was a talisman for safety.

Irish cultures also developed their own meanings for the love knot. They believed the complexity of our physical and spiritual beings have no beginning or end. The symbol can represent strength, love, and the protection of family and loved ones. These Irish roots of the symbol are why it is sometimes called the Celtic love knot. This is also the origin of the Infinity knot.

Origin of the Algerian Version

The Algerian love knot designation probably was passed on from sailors navigating the Mediterranean Sea since Algiers is located on that body of water. Although the sailor's versions were made out of rope or twine, people on the mainland started making the jewelry items out of precious metals, inscribing the rings with Algerian symbols.

Love Knot Jewelry | SilverAndGoldThe Algerian Love Knot Conquers America

In the United States, the popularity of Algerian love knot necklaces exploded with the release of the James Bond movie Casino Royale in 2006. Actress Eva Green wore a beautiful one in the movie and the demand had jewelers everywhere scrambling to attempt to replicate it.

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