The Tree of Life: Symbolism & Meaning in Jewelry

People choose the jewelry they wear for various reasons. Sometimes it is the color or cut, sometimes it is the style, but often, jewelry is chosen as a way to express something deeper. One of the most popular and classic symbols in jewelry is the stunning "Tree of Life". With a rich history and strong meaning, it is not a surprise this beautiful symbol has withstood the test of time and remains popular today.

    For those who aren't familiar, the tree of life is a large, strong tree with numerous branches and deep roots often enclosed in a circle or heart. Though there are many variations, the basics remain the same: a thriving, strong tree with deep roots.

    History of the Tree Of Life

    The history of the tree of life dates back almost as far a the human race. The symbol has been found in numerous cultures, such as the Ancient Egypt, where it was believed the branches represented the heavens and abundance above the roots which reached into the earth, and Celtic cultures, who saw the tree as a spiritual connection to ancestors and deities. This symbol also appeared in many religions, including Christianity where it resided in the Garden of Eden and Buddhism, where the tree is seen as a symbol of enlightenment and existence. The tree appears in many other cultures and holds a special meaning within each, adding to the rich history of the symbol.

    Meaning of the Tree Of Life

    There are several interpretations of the tree of life as the meaning has grown with the tree over time. Often, the tree of life is a symbol of growth and new beginnings without losing your past and roots. The tree branches out and grows strong but only because the roots are deep.

    Here are a few other meanings often seen within this popular symbol:
    • Strength: Large and strong, trees are a beautiful symbol of strength in the face of anything. Through wind, rain, sunshine, and clouds, the tree stands tall, unwavering.

    • Growth: Though trees grow slowly, it cannot be denied that something so small grows into something so large over time, with proper love and care.

    • Family: Family is a common interpretation, as trees stay routed where they first begin even though they grow and change. The branches spread and grow, but remain connected to their cherished beginnings. Many parents hope for the same with their children.

    The Tree of Life and Jewelry


    With such a rich history and beautiful meaning, it is no surprise the Tree of Life makes appearances in jewelry. Wearing such a strong symbol can help the wearer through difficult times or remind them of their own strength and perseverance. For this reason, it makes a beautiful gift for someone starting a new phase of their life, such as graduating from school, getting married, or starting a family.

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