The Unofficial ABC's of Gemstones

Looking to learn a little more about your favorite gemstones? You've come to the right place...

Abalone – A gemstone formed from the shell of a sea mollusk of the same name. This gemstone is often hand cut and polished before being used as a jewelry in-lay. The unique pattern and stunning colors are a must have for every jewelry collection.

Alexandrite – This stone is the birthstone for June babies! This gemstone appears to be color changing in when viewed from different angles. The unique stone has a green, blue, and even purple-ish tones.

Amethyst – This gemstone is a form of quartz and is often (though not always!) a deep purple. This is the birthstone for everyone born in February.


Aquamarine – This March birthstone is a beautiful shade of blue. In ancient times, it was believed that wearing aquamarine would protect sailors while at sea. This stunning gemstone is a favorite by many!

Black Diamond – Diamonds can be many colors – some colors can be found naturally while others are synthetically created. Black diamonds can be both natural or created, but both are picking up in popularity.

Citrine – Citrine is often a brilliant shade of yellow and can be called “burnt amethyst” because it forms when amethyst is heat treated. November babies can claim citrine as their birthstone.


Diamonds – You know them and you love them! Diamonds are a very beautiful gemstone that can range from brilliantly clear to yellow to purple to black! Diamonds are made from carbon and incredibly hard, making them perfect for every jewelry wearer. Those born in April have diamond as their birthstone.

Emerald – May babies call the lush emerald gemstone their birthstone. Emeralds are often a shade of green, sometimes with blue hues, and are incredibly beautiful.

Garnet – Red garnet has been used in jewelry making since the ancient roman era and is the birthstone of those born in January. Garnet is most popular for it’s deep red hue, but it can actually be a variety of colors, including orange, yellow, green, blue, and more.


Jade – This semi precious gemstone is commonly a light green color but can also be a darker green or gray-green shade.

Lapis Lazuli – A deep blue semi precious stone, lapis is an intense gemstone that holds its own in jewelry settings. Lapis can be found naturally but is also created in labs.

Malachite – Malachite is the perfect stone for jewelry lovers who don’t want their gemstones to be one solid color. Traditionally a deep green which stripes of darker and lighter hues, malachite will certainly turn heads and catch eyes!

Moissanite – Often seen as a diamond alternative, this stunning stone boasts fire and brilliance! The difference between moissanite and diamonds cannot be detected by the naked eye, but the costs certainly can!

Moonstone – A June birthstone, moonstones are made of multiple layers and have an iridescent quality, due to their slightly transparent milky appearance.

Morganite – A pale pink gemstone, morganite always looks sophisticated, especially when paired with rose gold.

Opal – Full of fire and color, opals are seen as an October birthstone. Often cut in cabochon style, opals are white but flecked with reds, oranges, yellows, greens, and more.

Peridot – The birthstone for everyone born in August, peridot is commonly a light green, but the hue can change depending on the levels of iron in the stone.

Ruby – July babies know Ruby well, as it serves as their birthstone. Most commonly a deep ruby red, rubies can also be pink or purple, and are stunning no matter what they are set in.

Sapphire – Most known for a velvety blue hue, sapphires are popularly used in engagement rings as an alternative to diamonds. Sapphire is the birthstone for September birthdays.

Tanzanite – Often an alternative to sapphires, tanzanite can be a blue, violet, or burgundy. The stone often undergoes a heat treatment to bring out the deep blue color. It is also one of the December birthstones.

Topaz – Naturally yellow or golden brown, topaz also comes in a variety of colors, most popularly a delicate shade of blue.

Turquoise – This bright blue or turquoise is known for the it’s classic veins of darker colors running through stone, making each piece unique.

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