Vein Amoris - Engagement & Wedding Ring Etiquette

Getting married is an exhilarating and romantic life experience full of family, friends, and traditions. With all of the excitement, many brides get to their big day and realize they aren’t sure how to wear their engagement ring for the ceremony and are even less sure how to wear both of their rings together after.

On the day of your wedding, your engagement ring should be moved to the third finger of your right hand so that your spouse can slip your gorgeous wedding band onto your left hand ring finger during the ceremony. This tradition began in ancient Egypt, where it was believed that a vein called the "vein amoris" was in your left ring finger which led straight to your heart. Your wedding ring was placed on this finger to ensure the promise of marriage was in a position close to your heart. Obviously, we know now that this science isn’t quite accurate, as all of our fingers have veins that lead to our heart, but that doesn’t negate the romantic beginning.

After the wedding, etiquette states that you move your engagement ring back to your third finger on your left hand, but the wedding band should remain closest to your heart, as your spouse placed it. However, don’t feel trapped by tradition! Many women choose to wear their engagement ring on their right hand or choose not continue to wear their engagement ring at all! The most important thing is that you are comfortable with how you wear or don’t wear your rings!

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