What is Cubic Zirconia?

While diamonds are a lovely way to add some sparkle to your jewelry collection, they can be pricey. Cubic zirconia offers stunning sparkle for a fraction of the cost but many buyers still shy away from this shimmering gemstone. We love diamonds as much as the next jewelry lover, but today we want to share some love with the often misunderstood cubic zirconia!

Cubic zirconia is a synthetic crystalline substance that has an appearance similar to diamonds. Also known as CZ, cubic zirconia is a man made colorless stone that is typically flawless. CZ dates back to the 1970's when it began being produced and used in jewelry due do its low cost, durability, and brilliance. While structurally different than diamonds, CZ shares a clear color and brilliant sparkle with it's similar looking friend, the diamond.

What does this mean for you, the jewelry shopper? It means you can find beautiful, sparkly pieces of jewelry at an affordable price! While some shoppers shy away from the misunderstood cubic zirconia, many realize it is a less expensive way to grow their collection and add timeless looking pieces without breaking the bank! And really, it is almost impossible to tell the difference between a CZ stone and a diamond with the naked eye, so unless you tell, no one will know! 


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