What is Rhodium Plating?

You're browsing through a jewelry section when you spot it, the perfect pair of earrings! You click on the item and just before you add to cart, you see the phrase "rhodium plated." You pause and wonder, 'What does that mean?' Here at SilverAndGold.com, we believe it is important for our customers to understand what they are buying so they can make the best purchase for their needs! Keep reading to understand more about what rhodium plating is and what it means to you, the consumer.

Rhodium is a precious metal often used on jewelry to create a bright and reflective appearance while also helping to resist scratches and tarnishing. Rhodium plating is commonly found on white gold or sterling silver. The plating protects the precious metal underneath, as it is a harder substance, while still having a classic appearance of bright silver.

It is important to understand rhodium plating is not permanent. The more wear the rhodium plating takes, the quicker it will wear away. For example, a ring worn regularly will wear faster than earrings worn only on special occasions. As the plating wears away, a slight discoloration will be noticeable. Does this mean your prized piece is ruined? No way! Most pieces can be replated by a jeweler. The cost will vary based on the detail of the piece and the thickness of the rhodium plating you select. 

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