What to Do If You Don't Know Your Ring Size

I'm going to tell you right now - I don't know all my ring sizes. With 10 fingers, plus the very trendy midi style ring, that's a total of 20 sizes I'd need to keep track of. And of course, the seasons can affect your size, so if I need to know my summer vs winter sizes, now we're up to 40 different sizes! Frankly, that's just too much! But I have a secret weapon that allows me to keep adding rings to my collection that fit without guessing or having to do multiple ring exchanges. Are you ready? It's the fantastic little Multisizer Ring Sizing Gauge we carry here at SilverAndGold!

Seriously, this little guy is amazing! Compact and durable, I keep one in my purse and one in my desk drawer (and based on the picture below, you know it's sturdy because it's surviving my majorly cluttered top drawer!). 

Whenever I find a ring I love, I simply whip out my sizer, measure the finger I want to wear the ring on, and order with confidence! No more guessing incorrectly and then having to send the ring back only to find out the size I need is sold out! That is a major inconvenience I am happy to say goodbye to!
Before this little sizer wandered into my life, I had tried all sorts of "tricks" to get my ring size in a pinch. I'm guilty of printing out a paper ring sizer to find my size - but did you know, your computer resolution can affect the size of the picture you print out? Long story short, I learned the hard way my ring finger is not a size 12 and I was stuck returning the ring. I also did the "measure yarn" method. But again, you have to be so exact and its so awkward trying to hold the string and mark the spot at the same time. That method also ended in a ring return and disappointment. 
The Multisizer Ring Sizing Gauge is easy to use, can be used over and over, and has full and half sizes! Just slip it over your finger and adjust to the size that fits best. You can even slide the sizer on and off, just like a ring, to ensure the fit won't get stuck on a knuckle (PSA: Windex people, if you get a ring stuck, use Windex!).  
Did I mention this little guy costs only $4.99?! So I don't know what you're waiting for - if you're a true jewelry aficionado, you need this in your life! Check it out now and get your order in. Trust me, you'll be happy you did!

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