Amethyst Education

Amethyst is the birthstone for February as well as the gemstone that celebrates the 6th and 17th wedding anniversaries. This gemstone is believed to clear negative thoughts and release the stress and anxiety of the wearer.


The ideal Amethyst will have a deep purple or purple with a hue of red. Though, if the stone is too dark it will appear black in dim lighting. When looking to purchase a piece of Amethyst jewelry avoid any piece that may have any brown or bronze coloring, this decreases the value of an Amethyst tremendously.


Amethyst is a clear gemstone and should have no eye visible inclusions. However, if the gemstone is heavily saturated with a deep purple color some inclusions can be overlooked. When looking for an amethyst the color is most important, so a few minor inclusions are acceptable as long as the deep color is there. If the Amethyst is not heavily saturated with color and is more of a pale purple than any inclusion will greatly diminish the value of the gemstone.


Amethyst is a piece of jewelry that can be cut in any fashion, which makes it very desirable for any jewelry collection.


Amethyst is available in a large array of sizes, and unlike other stones, the value of amethyst is not determined by the size. The smaller pieces of Amethyst have a more saturated deep color; whereas the larger pieces are paler. With this characteristic, Amethyst can work with regular jewelry like earrings and rings, but can also be used in statement pieces such as brooches or necklaces.