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How would you describe your significant other’s overall style?

Take a look at these engagement rings and let me know what you think.
Each picture shows the same ring from two different angles.
I am interested in your overall thoughts about each style.

Metals. Did you know 18K white gold is the most popular metal used for engagement rings? It’s not the only choice. White gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum are all traditional choices for engagement rings. 18K gold has a higher gold content than 14K gold, but both are used in engagement rings. Sterling silver is a less traditional option but can be used if you are on a tight budget. Learn even more the differences in 14K and 18K gold by reading our blog on gold.

What kind of metal do you want your ring set in? (you can select multiple)

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<b>Stone</b>. Diamonds are the classic choice, but there are many alternative stones being used in engagement rings. Mined diamonds are the most traditional but as people are growing more conscious of their environmental impact, we’re seeing an increase in both lab grown diamonds (same physical and chemical properties as a natural diamond) and Moissanite stones (doubly refractive and more sparkly than diamonds). Both of these stones are more environmentally friendly and conflict free. Colorful gemstones are also finding their way into engagement rings too. If you want more in-depth information about these stones, check out our blogs on Moissanites & Diamonds.

What kind of stones are you interested in? (you can select multiple)

Let’s talk about stone shapes. The main stone of your engagement ring is going to be the show stopping focal point. Different stone shapes will enhance different aspects of the stone. For example, a round cut will show off the stone’s brilliance or sparkle while an emerald cut on a clear stone shows off that clarity. To learn more about how the cut and shape of a stone can enhance its beauty, see our Diamond Education page.

Using the pictures below, which shape(s) are you most interested in? (you can select multiple)

Let’s talk about carats. The carat is the weight of the stones in your ring. To help you visualize carat size, take a look at the graphic below.

Let’s focus on the main stone. What size range would you like to look at?

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Clarity. A perfectly flawless stone is incredibly rare and very expensive. Most stones used in engagement rings will have some inclusions, though many of these inclusions can only be seen under magnification or in specific lighting. The more inclusions a stone has, the less expensive it becomes. A stone typically has to be in the SI1 or SI2 for inclusions to be visible to the naked eye.

What kind of clarity do you want in your stone?

Let’s talk about settings. The pictures below show various setting styles for engagement rings. Each setting offers its own set of advantages. For example, a solitaire setting is classic and simple, offering a timeless look. A halo setting can make a smaller central stone look larger because of the surrounding accent stones.

Which setting(s) are you most interested in? (you can select multiple)

Don’t worry, you’re almost done! Take a look through these last few engagement rings and rate them for us based on overall appeal (remember, stones and metal can be changed).

What size ring do you need?

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We are almost done. Take a look through these last few engagement rings and rate them for us based on overall appeal. The stone shape, color and metal can be easily modified.

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Finally, is there anything else you want to tell me? If you have something on your mind that I haven’t covered, please tell me. If you have an “inspiration picture” you want me to see, let me know and I will reach out so you can send it directly to me.