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Sterling Silver White Pearls and Marcasite Gemstone Post Earrings

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These 925 sterling silver and white pearl earrings measure approximately 0.8 inches in length. Each set of earrings comes complete in a black velvet box.

Pearls are symbolic of knowledge gained through experience and are believed to offer protection and a sense of calm, as well as attract good luck and wealth. Ancient myths also state giving pearls as gifts will strengthen your relationships and show the wearer's loyalty, integrity, and purity. White pearls specifically symbolize new beginnings and legend has it that wearing pearls on your wedding day promotes marital bliss.

Marcasite is said to be a gemstone used for powerful meditation. Marcasite gems aid in introspection and tend to resonate more strongly with higher, more spiritual chakras. According to many beliefs, marcasite is a talisman associated with wisdom, courage and expression. Reviews

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